General support tools

The Toolkit aims to handle common operations that any subject can use such as exporting volumes to Excel, Duplicate Sheet, Connect Element…etc.

Export Schedules to Excel

Export 1 or more volume tables in Revit to Excel

Duplicate Sheet

Support cloning existing Sheets into similar new Sheets including view, Legend, Schedule

Rotate Element

Support rotating objects directly in 3D, making the drawing process faster, especially the Drain system

Connect To

Connect Disconnected objects or directly connect accessories and devices, skipping the offset

Change Level

Change, fix the level for all pipes, equipment, accessories that are wrong during the drawing process

Align MEP 3D

Directly bring the elevation of pipe lines on 3D to the same value before connecting (Do not use Section)

Tool for water supply and drainage

The Toolkit supports to speed up the process of drawing pipes for Water Supply, Drainage, sanitary equipment, collection floors, technical floors…etc.

Axis Pipe

Auto connect using 1 offset and 1 Y attachment to connect the branch to the main line

Main Pipe 2

Auto-connect using 2 offset attachments and 1 Y attachment to connect branching to the main line

Main Pipe 3

Auto connect using 3 offset attachments and 1 Y accessory to connect branching to the main line

Cap End

Automatically draw clear lines right on the plan without switching to section or 3D

Vent Riser Pipe

Automatically connect vertical shaft vents right on 3D without switching to the cross-section

Equipment Pipe

Automatically connect branch pipes to main pipelines (Applicable to drawing drainage pipes)

Tool for HVAC

The Toolkit effectively supports the process of designing and deploying air ducts, Chiller pipes, dividing pipes according to corrugated iron size, placing hangers, supports, automatically wrapping insulation according to thickness…etc. 

Add Insulation

Automatically insulate air ducts, chiller pipes, condensate, hot water according to pipe diameter 

Split Duct

Automatically cut pipes into segments according to types of flanged ducts C, TDC, V

Auto Support

Automatically arrange the mounting bracket to attach to the bottom of the tube and start hanging on the ceiling, Betong floor

Add Insulation

Automatic insulation of air ducts and water pipes as standard (Depending on pipe size)

Copy Special

Copy, duplicate valve assemblies, condensate assemblies from one FCU to another

Create Offset

Automatically generate Z to change the pipe elevation right on the plan without having to go to the section

Tool for Electrical part

The Toolkit helps the process of arranging and placing equipment according to the Cad layout automatically. Hỗ trợ đưa phương án vẽ ống Conduit trong trường hợp triển khai chi tiết

Equipment Place

Automatically place equipment such as lights, switches, and sockets according to the Cad linked to Revit

Auto Conduit 

Automatically draw Conduit pipes connecting devices, giving suggestions for drawing realistic pipelines

Auto Flex Conduit

Automatically draw chicken intestines to connect the power box to the light

Auto Draw Elbow

Automatically change the height of cable tray ladders by creating Elbows right in the plan without creating sections

Auto Avoid Beam

Automatically create Conduit pipe fittings or crawler cable tray ladders when avoiding beams

Auto Create Hanger

Automatically create slings, V, U, C brackets for cable tray ladders according to a given distance

Tool for the fire protection part

Support drawing pipelines, placing nozzles automatically according to cad drawings, offering many connection options according to the type of nozzles facing up, down…etc.

Auto Sprinkler

Automatically arrange Sprinkler nozzles and detect and warn positions that do not meet the protection radius requirements

Auto Create Pipe

Automatically draw main pipelines, fire fighting branch pipes according to AutoCad link drawings

Auto Create Hanger

Automatically create slings, V, U, C brackets for cable tray ladders according to a given distance

Revits Tool 4

Control 3D models right on Phone – Computer

Revits Tool 5

Control 3D models right on Phone – Computer

Revits Tool 6

Control 3D models right on Phone – Computer


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Understanding the difficulties of your business when implementing BIM – a relatively new field in the construction industry. DSCons provides Tool sets as a solution for fast, accurate processing, saving time and improving working efficiency.